Monday, March 31, 2008

Research nonprofit organizations with GuideStar

Now you can do in depth research on nonprofit organizations through the library's subscription to GuideStar Premium. Listing more than 1.5 million nonprofits, GuideStar provides a comprehensive look at each organization. Searching can be restricted by type of nonprofit and by geographic area. Our subscription to the premium services lets you retrieve IRS I-90 forms with financial information and you can see officers and key employees for each organization.

This service is great for anyone doing research on nonprofit organizations, or anyone that wants to be better informed about the nonprofits they support or are interested in supporting.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Final 4 - Library Style March Madness

The last round produced four dominant shows- so how will they stack up against each other this round? Can House beat The Office? And will the veteran Friends beat Facebook favorite Family Guy? Check out the Final Four Bracket, which shows you votes from the first rounds as well as which shows are going head to head this round. Voting will start March 31st and run until the afternoon Tuesday April 8th.

While you are waiting on the vote tallies, take a look at CQ Researcher. It is great for giving you ideas about speech or paper topics on current issues by providing in-depth analysis of articles, pro/con opinions and links to further resources. Recent issues have included Women in Politics, Buying Green, Immigration Debate, and Student Aid.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Round 3 - Library Style March Madness

Wow! With just a few exceptions, this was a close and exciting round decided by 304 votes. We had two contests determined by one vote. The Office squeaked by Scrubs and Project Runaway did the same against Arrested Development. On the other end of the spectrum, House seems to be the show to beat, as it crushed Nip/Tuck. Will Boy Meets World be more competition? Which television show will be added to our collection? The next round narrows it further. Check out the 3rd round Bracket, which shows you votes from the first round as well as which shows are going head to head this round. Voting will end for the third round March 26th. We will pick up voting again after spring break.

On a completely unrelated note - If you aren't going anywhere for spring break remember that the library has plenty of DVDs (including last year's winner Grey's Anatomy) and books to keep you entertained.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Round 2- Library Style March Madness

So which television show will be added to our collection? The first round ended with 324 votes cast. The closest race saw that Everybody loves Raymond a little more than The Simpsons - by 8 votes in fact. On the other hand, Scrubs cleaned up by getting nearly 150 more votes than Chappelle's Show. But that was the last round! Who will go on from here? Check out the 2nd round bracket, which shows you votes from the first round as well as which shows are going head to head this round. Voting will end for the second round March 17th.

On a completely unrelated note - This guide to Citation styles might be handy during Week 10, and don't forget that the Writing Center is open until finals.

Monday, March 03, 2008

TV show March Madness competition returns!

Once again the library is doing a tournament of TV shows in honor of March Madness. 32 shows are going head to head this month to see which show is added to the library collection. Whichever show wins will be collected in its entirety. For example, if Friends wins, we would buy the full run of the show. Last year's winner was Grey's Anatomy? Which show will join it? You decide! Watch your Otterbein email for links to the survey. You can follow the brackets at the campus center, or you can get your very own copy.

Oh, & by the way - if you are doing any sports research check out SPORTDiscus or the Physical Education Index to find scholarly articles.