Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Stock up early on Christmas Presents!

In other words, the annual Torch & Key book sale is beginning earlier this year. Starting Tuesday Sept 22nd at 9AM it opens to Otterbein then the next morning (7:45AM) it opens to the community. Hard back books go for 1 dollar and paperbacks are 50 cents. I randomly pulled 3 books - Fighting Mountaineers: The Struggle for Justice in the Appalachians by Edwin D. Hoffman (1979), My Parents are Divorced, too by Bonnie Robson, MD (1980), and The Cookbook of the United Nations (To Serve Man) compiled by Barbara Kraus (1964). All these and more will be available. So come early, come often, and buy up these books to support the scholarships for the Torch and Key Honor Society.


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