Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Book Sale

Torch & Key Honorary Society is currently holding its annual book sale at Courtright Memorial Library. You can't beat these prices! Paperback books are 50 cents while hardback books are only a dollar! Videos run for a dollar and magazines are only ten cents each or 12 for a dollar. Phonographic records or cassettes run for ten cents each or 12 for a dollar. Take the time to check out the wide selection Courtright offers. All proceeds benefit Torch & Key student scholarships. Get great deals and help a worthy cause! Hurry in before everything is gone!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

OCDE 2006 Conference in Columbus

The Ohio Digital Commons for Education 2006 Conference is an opportunity for faculty, administrators, librarians and technology gurus to come together and work as a team. All are invited to meet and discuss learning, libraries, technology and the convergence of these activities on March 5-7 2006 in the Columbus Hilton at Easton Town Center. Presentations, technology demonstrations, pre-conference workshops and plenary presentations will be featured at the ODCE as well as a keynote speaker, vendor exhibits and technology demonstrations. For complete details visit and became a part of this experience.

Also, don’t forget that the Ohio Learning Network, OhioLINK, and the Ohio Supercomputer Center/OARnet are currently seeking proposals for the following conference tracks: assessing learning in the digital age, promoting problem-based learning, creating tomorrow’s learning environments, developing and assessing engaging courses, serving all audiences via libraries and electronic media, and emerging technologies for education and research. Proposals must be submitted by November 5, 2005. If interested, visit the ODCE’s website to present your ideas at next year’s conference.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Ohio Web Library

Did you know that the Ohio Web Library offers free access to more than 50 research resources? Ohio Web Library gives you full-text articles from popular magazines such as Consumer Reports, Money, Newsweek, PC World and Rolling Stone. Also available are essential online reference tools such as encyclopedias, dictionaries and biographies as well as thousands of scholarly research journals. Take advantage of the resources at your fingertips! Check out today!